Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 Update and Prayer Request

Josh, Luis Fernando, Jeffrey and Victor are currently en route to La Mohana for a five day trip. During the trip please pray for Josh and Luis as they will be doing a couple teaching sessions. They will also be bringing materials that the foundation has provided to equip their pastors and leaders to make disciples in their town. Jeffrey and Victor will be setting up and providing Sunday School material for the church in La Mohana. Please be praying that this trip would be an encouragement to the pastors. Pray that they would use the materials to build up the church and be equipped for discipleship.

The booklets and tracts are printed and bound here on the farm. Making them here cuts down on costs, but is a lot of work and also quite time-consuming. Every month we choose a different booklet and tract to print and use them as evangelism tools. Eventually we would like to have it as a volunteer ministry within the church.

We haven't yet started breaking ground on the new orphan house, but we have made some progress. I know it doesn't look like much, but like the book binding it is more time consuming because there's no where to go in Cartagena to just buy stakes. Making the stakes to frame the concrete was an all day task for Josh and Mike. The decision was made to use steel stakes so we can make extra to have for the next building project, if we used wood they wouldn't last long enough for the next building project. We had to purchase steel rods, cut them down, sharpen and paint them with anti-corrosive paint. Please continue praying for the progress on the new orphan house and we'll continue bringing updated pictures as we continue the project.

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