Thursday, May 23, 2013

Many Thanks

We were blessed a few weeks ago to have friends down helping us out around the farm. What a blessing it was having them here, working side by side and enjoying some much cherished fellowship. While they were here they got to join us street evangelizing in Turbana and shared the gospel out on the island, Tierra Bomba. They were a lot of help around the farm as well. The Jerusalem House is working on adding a covered laundry porch to their house and it was nice having the help getting started on it. Josh and Mike are working on getting the roof up this week. We also were able to slaughter 3 pigs with the teams help and are now enjoying a freezer full of home grown meat.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Kitchen

The Jerusalem house kitchen has been finished for a couple weeks now and what a difference it makes. Not only is it beautiful but it is so much more functional! We were blessed to be able to buy a new bigger stove that cooks hotter and faster, really saving everyone a lot of time in the kitchen. We couldn't be more pleased in how it all turned out. We are now working on the bathroom. Thanks be to God for a recently received donation that will allow us to put in the new ceiling, fix the bathroom and some other small but needed projects.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Like New

We are so grateful to have our van back from having some much needed repair work done. The van gets much abuse here going back an forth down a poorly maintained dirt road twice a day. We were able to have the inside and outside painted to keep the rust controlled as well as many other things fixed. It was a long 3 weeks scheduling without a vehicle but what a beautiful finished project. Thank you God that we have a reliable vehicle!