Thursday, April 30, 2015


The kids on the farm were blessed with a trip to Cartagena to the planetarium.  It was a great show and the kids had a great time learning about the constellations.  Thank you to our friends for planing this special trip.


Blessing of a new vehicle

This year we were blessed to buy a new vehicle.  Our old vehicle has been dying a slow death these last 4 years and we really couldn't to keep repairing it every month.  Through some generous donations specifically for the purchase of a new vehicle we were able to buy this brand new van.  God is so good!  Not only did we find this new van in our price range but through the blessing of God we were able to get the taxes and extra fees waived.  This van is such a huge blessing.  What a relief to travel without constantly worrying about breaking down.

Project Updates

The last couple months have been busy with various projects on the farm.  We were blessed to have extra money from the purchase of the new van that we were able to reinvest in projects needed around the farm.  We were also blessed to have a mission group come down and help us with the projects.  Many hands sure do make things go faster!

Antioch House received a new coat of paint inside and out.  What an improvement from the pealing,dingy paint before.  

A work in progress but after a second coat so nice and bright! 

The big project on the farm has been to remodel the pastors 2 room house into a 4 room house with a connected bathroom.  It looks great with a new coat of paint on the outside and all the work inside.

Open kitchen area.

What a blessing to have a connected bathroom.  No more going out at night to shower.

The old bedroom has now become a living space.

A hallway now connects the living space to two small bedrooms.

The pastor's daughter now has a room separated from her parents giving both a measure of privacy.