Monday, November 25, 2013

Giving Thanks and Praise to God!

We are excited to announce that the Jerusalem house remodeling is completed.  The house now meets the Colombian social service standard for housing kids. The house now has both bathrooms completed, new paint inside and a ceiling.  As we were in the finishing stages of this project the Lord brought a new boy of 10 years old to live here on the farm.  He is a happy energetic guy who is doing very well here. It has been a long year of watching God move in peoples hearts to give for this project. How awesome a sight seeing God's people give to help orphans and further His church here in Colombia. 

In this picture you can see the older part of the house with newly painted walls and the completed ceiling. The rest of the picture shows a small section of the added on living area with new tile.

In a recent blog we showed the completed boys bathroom.  This picture shows the remodel of the second bathroom.

We were also able to clear and level part of the farm around Jerusalem house, Sameria house and the church. Part of this land will house our multi-purpose building.  By God's grace and provision we received a grant to build this building which will house the church, school classrooms and possibly online seminary classes for pastors in our area. God is so big!

This is a before shot of behind the Jerusalem house.

This is after.

This shows the view up to Jerusalem house before leveling.

This is after.

The church area prior to leveling.

After leveling. Future sight of the multi-purpose building.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Successful Pastors Conference

We were blessed beyond belief by the work God did and continues to do here.  The 2 day conference was a lot of work but richly worth the effort as we saw pastors weep, hearing biblical truths for the first time.  The pastors here have such a heart to spread the gospel to those in their communities but lack desperately for educational resources. In addition to the sermon material we were able to sell materials to these pastors at a discounted price.  With this new knowledge and materials in hand the pastors were excited to go home and continue learning in order that they can impact their congregations. Josh, Mike and Luis have been asked by 2 other communities to repeat the conference for the pastors who were unable to come.

The guys are shown here with some of the pastors.

Friday, November 8, 2013

First Pastor's Conference

The first pastors conference is underway.  We have a great turn out with pastors and other ministry workers from various parts of our state in Colombia. Please pray as we help deepen these men and women's understanding of God so they can in turn impact others.

We were able to add a new rock path to the church in time for the conference.  It helps a lot right now with all the rain and mud.


What a great turn out!  God faithfully brings those who need to hear and learn from His word.