Monday, January 25, 2016

Farm visitors 1/23/16

Over the weekend an elementary school class from Cartagena came with their parents to have lunch and do some activities with our kids here on the farm. We started the day with a get-to-know-you game, then moved on to a team racing game, and finally Eric planned a photo scavenger hunt that had everyone running around, taking crazy photos, and laughing. They brought Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies, and cupcakes for lunch. They also came with a large cooler full of water to keep everyone hydrated. We were beyond blessed by the effort and time these students and parents put into our boys.

While a lot of the adults who serve here at the farm were helping the kids with the activities, Josh and Julie were talking with the parents. God provided an opportunity to share the heart behind the ministry and give them the gospel. Please pray that the gospel would produce fruit in their lives and the testimonies they heard would stir a change in them for the love of the needy and the glory of God. 

Before they left the parents brought a final parting gift to the boys. They were blessed with a complete change of clothes; new shirt, pants, underwear, socks and shoes. Every kid was also gifted with water bottles, and a few soccer balls to share.