Thursday, May 23, 2013

Many Thanks

We were blessed a few weeks ago to have friends down helping us out around the farm. What a blessing it was having them here, working side by side and enjoying some much cherished fellowship. While they were here they got to join us street evangelizing in Turbana and shared the gospel out on the island, Tierra Bomba. They were a lot of help around the farm as well. The Jerusalem House is working on adding a covered laundry porch to their house and it was nice having the help getting started on it. Josh and Mike are working on getting the roof up this week. We also were able to slaughter 3 pigs with the teams help and are now enjoying a freezer full of home grown meat.

1 comment:

  1. Hi guys,
    What is this a picture of? Is it on the property or somewhere else in the area?
    If it is on the property, what is being housed in it? I just don't remember anything that big with a metal roof.
    thanks and God bless