Friday, August 29, 2014

Ministry in Ballesta

For the past month we have been blessed with the opportunity of ministering in the town of Ballesta (pronounced Bi-yesta with the long i sound).  It is a little town 20 minutes outside Turbana the city about 1 mile from where we are.  The people there are in desperate need of Christ.  We are able to send a team out to evangelize and run a children's sport program every other week.  In the off weeks we hold a Bible study for interested members of the church. The class is covering the 5 solas of the reformation by Ligonier ministries and a study by Steve Lawson on the doctrines of grace in the book of John.

One part of the ministry is to the kids.  People from the church go and play soccer or volleyball and teach a message from the Bible.  The plan is to start teaching the ABC's of God, a program by Desiring God.  Others minister to the adults in the area by sharing the gospel.

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