Saturday, June 14, 2014


We are excited to announce that we were able, by the grace of God, to receive two-year visas. All the fees for obtaining visas went up this year but by being granted two years we will be able to save money over the next two years by not having to pay for airplane flights and visa fees this coming year.  Glory to our savior!  It is always a busy time getting and organizing paperwork, making sure to have all the possible paperwork needed before the guys leave the country.  Us gals are happy also that we will have our husbands around.  It gets a little lonely with them gone for weeks at a time.  

While the guys were gone we postponed some of the work on the church building.  Since they have been back the work crews have resumed and have made good progress.  In the last blog the guys had just finished the concrete slab for the second half of the building.  Here is a look at the progress.

The second half of the building now has all its block walls.

Yesterday one side of the building was drywalled.

Today our welder is working on the roofing structure.

The electricity inside the building has been wired and the guys are starting the work on the drywall.

The building consists of the main sanctuary, four rooms and two bathrooms.  We are excited by all the progress on the church and ask that you pray for all the souls the Lord blesses us to work with.

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