Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A quick update

There are always changes happening here on the farm, some good humanly speaking and some Romans 8:28 speaking, but always changes. God has been gracious to us and has been by our side as we blindly and helplessly carry out the work He has set before us. One of the most recent and most impacting changes is that we have decided to enroll the kids in school. Through a long series of events, prayers, and many meetings with some of the local public schools, we felt God graciously led us to two, small private schools. The 3 Harpole kids and 2 of the Colombians study together and the other 2 kids study together in a more one on one setting to get them reading and writing well. We are so excited for them! We never imagined they would receive this kind of education, and we know that they never would have imagined it either. The private school setting is so incredibly different than the public schools here that are over crowded and under staffed. There have been several people investing in their education and for that we are so thankful.
The changes that are the most special to me are the ones I see in each one of these precious kids that God has given us. I wish I could give you all specific details of the changes I see in each one of them, but it would take hours to write. I will say this, I see God at work in a mighty way in each one of their lives. These were broken, abused, detached, and dysfunctional children who had no hope. He hand selected them among thousands and thousands of children with the same life or worse and is transforming them before our eyes. The hope they have, the love they give, the work they do, who they are, is becoming a portrait of His grace. I am awestruck, and amazed at what He alone has done in them, and I am looking forward to what He will continue to do!
Here are some things we are praying about if you would like to join us in prayer for Gods time and provision, in all that we do:
-Daily strength and wisdom
-Extending the day for the two kids who are considerably behind
-Work projects on the farm that will alleviate some space issues
-Radio ministry for our church to reach people with the true gospel
-Bible studies and evangelism opportunities in the community
Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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