Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moved In!

We are officially living at El Nido as of May 24th. The move has brought us many nice changes with a bigger living space and the ability to live on the property we are trying to work. The initial move was crazy with the house not being quite ready and teams and family coming down a few days after the move. On top of all this my kids caught the flu and it was a rough one. Amidst catching puke and dealing with flies (we had a million) we were blessed by all the work accomplished by the work parties on the farm. We were able to screen our house which helped a lot with all the flies and other critters. This was by far my favorite thing accomplished as I don't care much for sharing my bed with bats and june bugs! Thanks to the help of visiting family and a couple visits to the doctor the kids are all well and back to their spunky selves. Stacy

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