Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wait...wait...and wait some more!

Many of you are wondering what is going on with the foundation. Well, we are in waiting mode. God doesn't always answer right away and this seems to be one of those times. We made the offer on the property and are very excited about it. The man owning the property has been on vacation and we have yet to get ahold of him. Our realtor is going to try again this week. It's been a month and it seems like his vacation should be over by now! Anyway, in the meantime we wait and continue on with things at home. Setting up quickbooks, paperwork for the nonprofit, paperwork for the bank, work, homeschooling and dreaming of the time to come when we will be able to begin to work in Colombia, serving God by helping orphans and widows while hopefully showing the glory of God to those we meet along the way. Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming!

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